Talk comments

Really enjoyed the talk. Whilst I do a lot of refactoring on a regular basis, but don't often work with the kind of legacy code which Adam covered, I still took something away from the talk. I also enjoyed listening to such a well structured and well laid out talk presented by a professional speaker.

Daniel Kreuer at 19:56 on 4 Oct 2016

Snacks: Good, Drinks: even better, Company: Outstanding as always ;-)

Daniel Kreuer at 19:54 on 4 Oct 2016

Worth hearing to get a general overview how to refactor legacy code to more maintainability. Few insights for developers already deep in refactoring business, but not unexpected.

Daniel Kreuer at 19:37 on 4 Oct 2016

Not thought about using Expressive before. May be worth trying out

Sascha Schuh at 12:40 on 4 Oct 2016

Very good overview of refactoring steps.
I also liked the answer to the question of refactoring or creating a new application

Sascha Schuh at 12:38 on 4 Oct 2016

Very well planned and executed intro to Zend Expressive. Nice examples, meaningful hints and tips. Could have used some smaller jumps(intro/segway) into the code for beginners, but code examples were nice.

Frank Kleine at 10:24 on 4 Oct 2016

As my current CTO put it: "Today we write the legacy code of tomorrow." So it always comes in handy to have some ideas on how to tackle refactoring, and the talk was not shy in giving a bunch of them. Even if it was based on refactoring really old PHP applications, some of the advice from the talk is usable when you refactor a more recent application.

Not sure I agree with the advice regarding getting rid of new, though - take it with a grain of salt. Other than that, recommended listening, as it was presented very well.

Frank Kleine at 10:17 on 4 Oct 2016

Good introduction to Zend Expressive that gives you insight on how the application and code will be shaped, so you really know it's best suited for small... er, micro :) applications (which has its advantages).

In contrast to Stephan I liked the code part, as I was able to compare it with other packages I used in the past. This gave me some ideas on where general language use might be headed.

David Manners at 09:57 on 4 Oct 2016

A great that showed you how easy it is to get working with a micro application approach. Matthew even managed to deal with a bit of heckling from the front row!