Talk comments

Maxim Zakharov at 12:38 on 29 Nov 2016

Well presented topic

thomas wilson at 14:30 on 28 Nov 2016

Great talk. Getting on to composer for Wordpress is definitely a highlight. And I loved your thoughts about putting configuration into the environment. Sometimes I have trouble hearing you during your talks. It might just be me having trouble with the accent though.

cm at 11:27 on 23 Nov 2016

This was a design talk that developers should hear.

cm at 11:24 on 23 Nov 2016

Robert's talk was comprehensive and interesting. No question in my mind went unanswered.

cm at 11:23 on 23 Nov 2016

This was a decent talk on an important topic for Drupal programmers. Its scope could be expanded without losing people. Some suggestions:

* An overview of the entity concept in general, other examples of entity systems, and Drupal's implementation. To wit: what's the point of entities?
* Comparing content entities vs configuration entities.
* What "things" are entities in Drupal.
* Talking about the Entity class inheritance tree, and the common functions and properties of entities.
* Using core entities, like Node and User.
* Creating a configuration entity in a module.
* Creating a content entity in a module.
* Less focus on the entity annotations, except to point out that this is how entities are configured.

We look forward to hearing more!

cm at 11:14 on 23 Nov 2016

This was an insightful look at the evolving development practices at NPR.

cm at 11:13 on 23 Nov 2016

It is a great idea to co-host the user group meetings at the event. There is no one better to present on PHP profiling than Fabien.

cm at 11:11 on 23 Nov 2016

There are useful insights in this talk, in particular to the extent that frameworks could standardize on common PSR interfaces for all things that frameworks do. This talk is important but and needs some fleshing-out to become excellent.

cm at 11:08 on 23 Nov 2016

Contained insights I had not thought of. 5/5