Talk comments

Adelle Frank at 14:51 on 26 Nov 2018

I enjoyed the different perspectives both presenters shared and their encouragement of attendee participation. For future trainings, I would recommend: (1) putting details on the Laravel environment needed ahead of time in the description - so people can set it up on faster wifi at home, and (2) that attendees have some familiarity with object-oriented coding in PHP. It was a delightfully hands-on class, and I really liked having the Homestead VM to work and test in. Speakers are very engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable!

Adelle Frank at 13:05 on 26 Nov 2018

I really enjoyed the interactive and hands-on nature of the presentation. As someone just beginning their journey towards testing, I would have liked even more simplification. Speaker is very engaging and encouraged friendly & active participation by attendees.

Adelle Frank at 12:24 on 26 Nov 2018

The speaker used amazingly clear and easy-to-grasp examples of code, referenced stellar resources for best practices, and provided reasonable, accomplishable steps for updating legacy code. Joe's questions to ask of a legacy app would also be good questions to ask before you begin a new project, too. One of my favorite sessions!

Adelle Frank at 12:22 on 26 Nov 2018

I appreciated the speaker's clear foreshadowing of topics, engaging presentation style, and learning about immediately useful tools I could use for my own testing!

Adelle Frank at 12:18 on 26 Nov 2018

Engaging presentation style for the important topic of power relations in the workplace.

Adelle Frank at 12:17 on 26 Nov 2018

I enjoyed the hands-on demonstration of Docker for a development environment. I got a little lost in which were common issues (and their solutions) that I could expect when trying to spin up my own, so a clearer outline of those issues might help. This talk inspired me to follow along on the slides on my own!

Adelle Frank at 12:12 on 26 Nov 2018

Excellent exploration of the big picture ideas behind best practices in object-oriented programming!

Adelle Frank at 12:10 on 26 Nov 2018

Nara's visibility and vocalness as an introvert with some social anxiety was incredibly inspiring! She helped me feel less alone and modeled some helpful strategies for conference survival.

Bobby Pearson at 22:50 on 22 Nov 2018

This talk tried to bite off far too much. The speaker went both broad and deep in his choices of what to cover, making it hard to follow and hold on to a few key takeaway points. I was definitely inspired to step up my game, though, and the speaker's second talk was far better.

To be clear, it was clear that the speaker has a superior grasp of his subject matter and has good presentation skills. IMHO, this can be an excellent talk by either (1) going "big picture" and peppering in some personal stories or (2) focusing on one aspect of what makes a "high quality package" and going into detail.