Talk comments

A really good talk, very interesting and enjoyable! I also liked the cooking reference. Thank you :)

I didn't know about this subject but the talk was very clear and easy to follow. I really liked it, that was very interesting. Thank you :)

Very interesting talk. I liked it and learned something new. Also, the tetris demo was really funny. Thank you :)

A very good talk, clear and enjoyable. Live coding was a good choice too :)

Massimo Regi at 16:30 on 7 Oct 2019

Very good talk. Thanks for the clear comparison

Massimo Regi at 16:27 on 7 Oct 2019

Very interesting topic, thanks 💯

The talk was good, it covered an aspect that was covered last year too. This time we went more in details on the use of StateCharts but I couldn't relate to the use of StateCharts with React so a pragmatic example of use would be good. I'm looking forward to the video so I can understand more.

Very good talk, in my company we value Accessibility a lot but we're still learning so it was very good to see uses of tools in Storybook that help to analyse your code and techniques to enforce accessibility in our code.

Hooks are the best ❤️ Thanks for this talk!