Building Testable PHP Applications


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Fantastic talk, wouldn't have expected anything less from Chris.

Glad to have caught this talk the last time Chris will be giving it.

Great talk! Lively and entertaining. I've never seen it before so glad I got it before you stopped giving it.

Not as grumpy as branding would have us believe, but that just means it was easier to listen to. Wonderful talk Chris, glad to have finally caught it.

Chris is a great speaker and knows the material well. He does a good job at starting with a high-level overview and then diving deeper without losing people.

Lots of mainstream views on testing. As a testing expert (and evangelist), I was expecting a bit more detail and some additional insights that I haven't heard in other sessions on testing. Since this is the last time he's giving the talk ...

This was a good talk, however I was also *hoping* for a few more advanced testing tricks as someone who has been in the cults of tests for years myself. I will say that the folks who are new to the religion seemed to really enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to what grump has rolled up his sleeve.

Well done talk. Had a question or two on the more advanced side (i.e. mocking DB interactions at the query can be done!) that I had to ask later but Chris covered the main points in an engaging fashion.

I already been using phprspec for testing, but i found a lot great points in this talk ! great talk.

Really awesome talk and I'm glad to have caught it before its demise. It was great to cover topics I'd struggled with before in phpunit testing like mocking. I'm looking forward to putting this into practice in my projects and getting the rest of my team on board too.

I will be giving more attention to testing from now on. I was disappointed with your lack of grumpiness, and pleasantly surprised with your sock elephant shirt.

He was not grumpy at all and didn't sound very Canadian. Possible impostor? :)

Nevertheless, great and very informative talk. I will be pushing his books and videos hard on my team because I think they'll be a huge benefit if they're anything like this talk. Very well done!