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Very informative especially surrounding deployments that don't impact users during roll time. I admire the speaker's desire to make a difference outside of the IT offices in the real world.

Heads up! Inspiring talk! The transition slide from deployment talk to talking about making a difference in the world was epic!

Excellent. Deep technical insights regarding deploying production code followed by a motivational speech to stop bickering and do something important.

In summary, inspiring.

Great summary of 5.6 features and motivational in more than just a technical way.

Probably the best talk I've seen of Rasmus. Inspiring and talking about real problems. The QA was also really interesting.

Very inspiring. Great talk

Very inspiring talk about the kind of problems we should be solving rather than how to solve them. It highlighted the fact that PHP is maturing as a language.

Very inspiring. Really loved the pictures from Greenland. Also, lots of common sense and pragmatism.

A great keynote that leaves you wondering how you can be doing better things with the skills you have.

Great insights into the mind of a PHP community leader (if not the central figure). Not sure how to balance out all of the "frameworks suck" chatter. Maybe some deeper insights could be shared ...

Rasmus presented and extremely clever and dead simple technique for atomic deployments which made this worth hearing alone. As usual rasmus has an entertaining style and its interesting to hear about his perspective.

Great technical scoops on both 5.6 and atomic deployments, and inspiring applications of code to improving lives. Well done!

Is truth we have to stop trying to build the next Facebook and work on more important and useful software.

I think this was Rasmus' best talk. Great info on deployment and very inspiring message which will hopefully make people think. The room for QA at the end was also very useful and interesting.

Very inspiring and from the heart Rasmus!

Incredible talk - very impressed with Rasmus' stance on doing things that matter and his response to the the community-at-large who like to dramatize the happenings inamongst the most vocal of us on Twitter. Thanks for being honest and candid, Rasmus!

Great job Rasmus. Given there was no description I was 'worried', having not seen Rasmus present in a while, that this would be the stock Rasmus Keynote. Wherein he finds security holes in the conference website, and shows off using performance profiling tools to make <insert open source project> better. While that keynote was a really great one, I've seen it numerous times.

This keynote was really good, very inspiring messages to the room, and left people ready to talk about things for the rest of the day. Exactly what a keynote should do.

This was definitely an inspirational talk. It was great to cover what's new in PHP 5.6 etc. and the second half was very motivational. Time to go beyond the keyboard when looking for problems to solve!

I can only repeat the three previous comments. I didn't even see the slides from the back and still enjoyed the talk. Well done :)

This guy is fairly legendary to me. Great baseball on the new releases. Loved the pics of icebergs.

I really liked the first part of the talk: it clearly illustrates the direction of the language and the upcoming 5.6 release. That was pretty awesome and definitely a job well done.

But the second part seemed a bit random and incoherent. This is not the first time I see Rasmus speak and I've seen it happen a bunch of times: the talk has a really good start, but then becomes a bit more chaotic.

So to summarize the 2nd part: it diverts from the central theme which is a pitty.

Rasmus is a good speaker and an icon in the PHP community, he knows what he's doing and has some really interesting stuff to say. I only wished that the level of the talk remained consistent which wasn't case to me.

Maybe it's just me ... everyone else is giving the talk a 5-star rating.

The first part was only mildly interesting. It showecased things that are newer and upcoming, but it felt like a broad overview or something I could pick up from release notes. It was nice to see them all together, though, so maybe I'm being too harsh.

I liked the idea of trying to do something more than building the next snapchat. Not that we can't make money doing things, but finding ways to make a living that also helps better life for other people. I've struggled with that over the years I've been programming so it was nice to see it discussed.

The deployment discussion was interesting as I had never really considered the mid-request swap over and including files after a symlink has changed, but I felt like the focus on the DOCROOT was a little weird? I'd have to explore it more, but most of my code doesn't care about DOCROOT in any way that I know of, but if it DOES behind the scenes, I need to seriously look at my deployment scripts to see what I can do to help mitigate any issues there.

By the end, I felt like the talk was pretty good and it got me thinking about a lot of things. Plus I got a refresher on things going into internals, so that was nice. :) I was very happy that the whole talk wasn't just about PHP features.

My 2nd Rasmus talk and it was great as expected. The portion about deployment was very interesting and very well-timed as we've been discussing it recently at my job.