Talk comments

Charismatic as ever, Mr Evans. I wasn't able to give this talk my full attention (due to a work thing that was blowing up at the time), but the parts I did hear were lovely. You spin a good yarn.

I enjoyed your talk. It was a bit fast, at times, but otherwise quite enjoyable. Also, next time definitely do the TDD thing over pseudo-code.

I like your presentation style. The exercises were fun, but one or two of them were a bit disruptive (which might actually have been the point)...On a side-note, the room was very dark, and the desks restricted movement quite a bit.

My favourite talk of the conference. I can't think of anything that you could do to improve it. 10/10, would hear again.

I liked the talk overall, but I did find the narrative arc difficult to follow at times (in terms of how you moved from one topic to the next).

Found this talk very helpful, and I enjoy Gary's presentation style. Even if he is a bit of a jerk...


Excellent presentation despite obvious nerves! :)

on TBA

Generally great, but introduced more questions than it answered (in terms of what to do when things really go wrong).

Salvi Pascual at 21:32 on 11 Feb 2016

Sadly I missed this talk, but I sow it before in a previous event, and I know Ibis rock. This talk is exciting and novel, and Ibis knows how to keep completely engaged in a brainwash of gorgeous knowledge, for what seems to be the quickest 30 minutes of your life. All the good reviews are for a reason.

Ibis Fonte at 21:32 on 11 Feb 2016

My new top goal in life is to learn how to be as good of a speaker as Cal is. Wow, he is a powerhouse speaker who is not only compelling but drives emotional engagement from the audience. Absolutely amazing. My new hero.