Talk comments

Moe Garmyani at 14:39 on 18 Feb 2020

Was nice to hear your stories. Great talk

Kathy Forte at 11:33 on 14 Feb 2020

Thanks for attending my session! Here is the link to my talk :

Kathy Forte at 11:43 on 13 Feb 2020

Very inspiring talk!

Kathy Forte at 11:42 on 13 Feb 2020

Good way to catch up on new features.

Angel Ramirez at 19:38 on 12 Feb 2020

Lisa is fantastic! I enjoyed and learned a lot from her talk, plus we had an exciting and interactive QA! ssshhhh they listening...

Angel Ramirez at 19:36 on 12 Feb 2020

Great talk, fantastic speaker, and excellent content .....drop the mic!

on Eight

Angel Ramirez at 19:33 on 12 Feb 2020

The title caught my attention, but it was a lot better than expected! You hit all the points when it comes to breaking a monolith a part well done.
Great Humor!

Angel Ramirez at 19:31 on 12 Feb 2020

A very inspiring talk! Thank you Adam!
It was perfect, and that was without having a prepared closing argument ;)... what if you had?

Great class, easy to follow along and want to explore the use of such a system to solve scaling up what we already have in production. I will review slides and notes from the class to test it out myself.