Talk comments

Great talk about Flysystem! Beginning this year I did a research on the subject for a project and preselected Flysystem as preferred solution. So the presentation gives me a jump start when we are going to implement Flysystem. The arguments I learned before about filesystem abstraction got confirmed and I also learned several new, Thanks!!

Great talk about Flysystem. Frank did a good job describing the issues associated with using the file system in PHP and how Flysystem helps deal with those.

After that, he went into dealing with different remote storage options, such as S3, SFTP and how Flysystem hides the complexities of these behind a unified API.

All in all, it was a very useful talk. Knowing about Flysystem will definitely change the way I evaluate storage options in my projects.

this was a really useful talk; as of writing this comment I'm already using flysystem in a project and it's been very nice to work with. great work Frank and many thanks for putting an excellent library out there for free!