Talk comments

Reread the talk on slideshare and I had forgotten how good it was. Entertaining, informative, and easy to follow, even when just using the slides!

Where is the actual talk / link to slides? Thanks.

Was this even / talk something that was recorded (text, video or audio)? I am needing something to help me get started with the UserBundle.


This absolutely made my day/week/month (esp. all of the community shout-outs ^_^). Very exciting, full of energy and the perfect closing note for the conference.

As much as I loved the subject (real Computer Science!), anyone would have needed more than ten minutes to adequately cover this material. Please consider turning this into a full-length presentation, perhaps after the package manager is implemented.

Definitely could see this being a longer talk. It looks like you had a ton of flexibility in that configuration, which wasn't going to be explained in ten minutes. Still, you were very mindful of the time box and kept a good pace throughout. Well done.

@SteveWa: Kris' presentation was a snippet of code that creatively utilized the Form component to implement a tabular list of entities/documents with sorting controls, similar to the list view of the Sf1 admin generator.

Kris, I think this really would have benefited from a live demo, or something to explain the beautiful functionality of your creative use of the Form component. Just examining the code might have been too much for folks that received their first taste of Symfony2 forms from Bernhard's presentation the day before.

I also haven't used this in any project yet, so I was happy to see the demo. I wish there had been a bit more time to dive into the configuration options, as they looked very intimidating (hopefully they're equally well-documented). Looking forward to using this.

Great tips for developers struggling to meet deadlines, whether in contract or full-time positions. Jacopo did an excellent job talking through the material and the visuals throughout the slides complemented the subject matter well.

Delivery was very good, as was the selection of tools mentioned throughout the slides. At a few points, it felt like we were reading a "top ten X" blog post, as Stefan worked through the tools one by one. To combat that, I'd suggest: stories ("I had some problem and here's how I decided between using tools X, Y and Z to solve it"); slides comparing multiple tools at once (rather than enumerating through the tools).