Talk comments

thanks for the context you set in the presentation, thoughts behind Symfony2 for phpBB4 and how you mixed in Joomla in the solution. Who said that CMS's can't play nice with phpBB huh? ;)

Fabulous job Fabien! I really enjoyed your presentation. I'll have to catch you when you're back in these parts or I'm in yours :)

Thanks for the great comments!

Slides are here:

(They made it mandatory to rate your own talk if you comment. Well, if you insist, (: )

Great stuff, pointing in the right direction for the future of asset management in Symfony. Clearly has the expressiveness we want for the long term. Love the nesting of filters

Developers crave code examples / diagrams. This talk was too high level for the audience, IMO. Real world examples, even if they're just system diagrams, would help. Empty slides with a few technology logos didn't seem to add much value.

I didnt end up feeling the danger. Otherwise, a very good talk regarding the awesomeness that is twig.

Good structure and sign posting. Made it easy to follow along. Looking forward to using Assetic.

Good talk, cant wait for development on Apostrophe 2.0

Very cool talk on an interesting subject. It's great to see what the Symfony community has coming down the pike over the next couple years.