Italian SymfonyDay 2017. Goals of this event are to show best practices and high level case studies. This event is organised by PUG Milano with the help of GrUSP.

Friday 20th October 2017

10:10 Behat from zero to hero: a practical guide to Symfony integration and usage
Talk by Matteo Moretti, Samuele Lilli in Main Track (50 minutes)
11:30 Biglietti, prego! A ticket for the (command) bus
Talk by Francesco Face in Main Track (50 minutes)
Rated 4
Symfony Without Bundles
Talk by Ettore Delprino in Main Track (25 minutes)
14:00 Disinstallare FOSUserBundle e vivere felici
Talk by Massimiliano Arione in Main Track (25 minutes)
14:30 Reliable service integration
Talk by Simone Di Maulo in Main Track (50 minutes)
15:25 Symfony Cache component: speed-up your application with a new layer of cache
Talk by Simone D'Amico in Main Track (25 minutes)
16:20 Symfony and frontend: a better way
Talk by Gabriele Martini in Main Track (25 minutes)
16:50 CQRS e Event Sourcing: che l'Evento sia con te
Talk by Oscar Fanelli in Main Track (25 minutes)