he Symfony Live Conference 2014 is a unique opportunity to meet the Symfony community. Enterprise open source software users and developers from all over the place, come together to talk with the Symfony team, share their experiences with the framework, gain new skills and aspire to the next level.

Wednesday 29th October 2014

Rated 0
Introduction to Symfony2
Workshop by Lukas Sadzik (1 hour)
Rated 0
Going further with Symfony2
Workshop by Andreas Hucks (9 hours)
Rated 0
Symfony2 Forms in der Praxis
Workshop by Bernhard Schussek (9 hours)
Rated 5
Web Services with Symfony2
Workshop by Paul Seiffert, Tim Glabisch (9 hours)
Rated 0
Workshop by Frank Stelzer (9 hours)

Thursday 30th October 2014

09:00 Keynote
Keynote by Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire in Sixt (1 hour)
10:00 Feature Flags mit Symfony
Talk by Benjamin Eberlei in Sixt (1 hour)
Dockerizing Symfony applications
Talk by Dennis Benkert in SensioLabs (1 hour)
11:15 Einführung in REST mit Symfony2
Talk by Lukas Kahwe Smith in Sixt (1 hour)
Composer im Unternehmensalltag
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer in SensioLabs (1 hour)
Rated 5
…denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun
Talk by Christian Schaefer in Sixt (1 hour)
Rated 4
E-Commerce in schnell mit Symfony2 und Elasticsearch
Talk by Thorsten Rinne in SensioLabs (1 hour)
15:00 Silex: From micro to full-stack
Talk by Dustin Whittle in Sixt (1 hour)
The road to Continuous Deployment
Talk by Bastian Hofmann in SensioLabs (1 hour)
16:30 The Twelve-Factor App
Talk by David Zuelke in Sixt (1 hour)
Solr für Volltext-Suche oder gleich als Datanbank Engine
Talk by Frank Neff in SensioLabs (1 hour)

Friday 31st October 2014

09:00 Developing People
Keynote by Rowan Merewood in Sixt (1 hour)
10:00 Bessere Symfony Controller bauen
Talk by Benjamin Eberlei in Sixt (1 hour)
Microservices effizient einsetzen: Asynchronität & Generatoren
Talk by Nils Adermann in SensioLabs (1 hour)
11:15 Symfony2 Content Management in 50 Minuten
Talk by David Buchmann in Sixt (1 hour)
Life on the edge between AngularJS and Symfony2
Talk by Armen Mkrtchyan in SensioLabs (1 hour)
Rated 4
Ember.js und Symfony auf einer Seite
Talk by Paul Seiffert in Sixt (1 hour)
Rated 3
Trotz legacy Datenbank zu neu modellierter Software
Talk by Philip Washington Sorst, Pierluigi Meloni in SensioLabs (1 hour)
15:00 Symfony2 Plugin für PhpStorm
Talk by Daniel in Sixt (1 hour)
Scaling PHP
Talk by Dustin Whittle in SensioLabs (1 hour)
16:30 There is a Bundle for that
Talk by Lukas Kahwe Smith in Sixt (1 hour)
Leadership in der Softwareentwicklung
Talk by Johann-Peter Hartmann in SensioLabs (1 hour)