Talk comments

Gavin Chapman at 14:47 on 5 Oct 2018

Good talk, but the code on the slides was unreadable due to the dark colour and it being projected, and having colour blindness it was made worse as I couldn't see the laser pointer either.

Anonymous at 08:45 on 2 Oct 2018

Wanted for a long time :) please give us the code ;)

on Keynote

A great return on the school bench! Everyone should take a minute to read your slides! Thank you!

Awesome work you did there! Simply brilliant!

A must-have for any application in need of fine tuning cache :) Nice!

At last, a decent tool to to an e2e test on a symfony application ! Maybe work on your english accent ;)

It is always a pleasure to see you on stage, great vibes, and great subject. Even if some would argue on your conclusion ;)

Always something surprisingly new to catch everyone's attention :)

on Keynote

Loran at 10:54 on 1 Oct 2018

This for me was the best talk of the night, as it is something not many people discuss. It is also an area we as developers have to take ownership of and push to be improved. I wouldn't worry about the technical aspect, it was more than well explained and as a developer, I got the picture. Thank you, Sandra! Keep it up, because this topic matters, and because I think you're doing a great job explaining it!

I've also just spoken to our lead developer today, and we will be taking even more steps towards making our website more accessible.