Talk comments

Tim Hofman at 14:46 on 19 Oct 2023

Interesting to see what the possibilities are with AI. Thanks for sharing your experience with AI.

Tim Hofman at 14:43 on 19 Oct 2023

Your introduction was great and the tips you gave were also great, but there were a lot of details. I'd recommend to keep the tips short and shallow. It will maken your talk shorter, but with a clearer goal.

Tim Hofman at 09:53 on 16 Oct 2023

Great talk! Most talks contain multiple subjects and than it gets messy. There is too much information. Your talk contains a clear message and I really liked the repetition of the phrase "Generics aren’t coming" during your talk (so it is also a great title for your talk). You talk about the why and the possible solutions (which are suboptimal), but it is nice to know there are alternatives.

I like the speed of your talk, not too slow and not too fast. I like your pronunciation, you sound like a native English speaker. You're a nice speaker to listen to.

Tim Hofman at 09:24 on 16 Oct 2023

You had a clear message in your presentation and it was nice to hear your experience within your organization. Especially when the team grows, you want to stay away from the 'merge hell'.

Tim Hofman at 09:20 on 16 Oct 2023

If you have no - or little - knowledge about Linux distros, it was hard to follow. But I am not your target audience. For the more DevOps people it was probably a nice talk.

Paul at 11:34 on 15 Oct 2023

Interesting, but I would have like to see some real implementations in php programs or I would recommend to show some practical examples using PHP (since it is a PHP conference) like live showing a demo of customer satification qualification.

Paul at 11:31 on 15 Oct 2023

The talk was great, but it was a more or less beginners talk. Nevertheless informatvice

Paul at 11:30 on 15 Oct 2023

I ditched it after a few minutus because of the aound quality

Paul at 11:30 on 15 Oct 2023

Brent is Brent, Genial!

Paul at 11:29 on 15 Oct 2023

Very informative, and the tone of voice was accurate and professional