Talk comments

Anonymous at 13:14 on 12 Nov 2014

One of my favourite talks of the conference, just because of the discussion style approach and how it was guided mostly by what the audience wanted to know more about. Learned a lot of cool things!

Jokes about how organizing a conference cut into Chris' personal time aside I think this was a very fitting closing keynote. It really helped round out the points raised in the opening keynote: that you should give enough of a shit to make your community better by being involved. I personally enjoyed hearing Chris talk about why TrueNorthPHP exists and I really hope he and his team are able to bring it back again next year. Just listening to this talk you can tell they care.

This talk was too much fun :) The visuals were a delightful backdrop to a seriously engaging and entertaining delivery! Absorbed some great perspective on creating code with a useful long view, and took a pile of notes on how to be awesome speaker.

Really impressed as the the breadth and depth of content delivered. Matt blossomed as a speaker over the course of the talk, relaxing and having us all laughing by the end. Nit picks: wanted the hat taken off or flipped around so shining face was not shadowed; wanted speaker to have more mic experience (lay it flat and closer to neck); Looking forward to more in future!

Expert speaker gives entertaining, informative talk ;) Super useful content delivered in a style which made it really easy to take on board.

Geez Peas, Cousineau Clown is a scary scary thing - got my attention regardless of the early hour and my lack of sleep :P This talk was an impressive combination of interesting information and stand up comedy. So glad I went! This started my conf day out right with A+ learning and laughter!

Great talk, Fabulous Speaker! Helped me clarify what I do with the vocab I hear thrown around really well (thank you!) as well as the why so I can use the concepts more effectively in future (double thank you!). Think the speaker may have maxed out the amount of awesome they can deliver from behind a podium (impressed), stepping out from time to time might crank it up to 11.

In depth calisthenics:

Anonymous at 14:45 on 10 Nov 2014

Enjoyed this talk but would have enjoyed it more if it had even more personal. At some points, it felt less like "My Journey..." and more of a How-To. But overall, very good.

I thought the talk was super--one of my favourites from the conference. Good to hear about new technologies and insight into how the PHP community is maturing, with strong opinions on what technologies to use for what purpose (which helps to cut through the clutter). The presentation was professional and concise, and the slides were eye-catching. I agree that the title could be less specific to the story of Plates, and rather just about creating great PHP packages.