True North PHP is a community-driven conference in Toronto, Ontario. The conference is geared towards PHP developers and enthusiasts.


Introduction to JavaScript Testing
Workshop by Jordan Kasper
Elephants in the clouds: mastering PHP on Heroku
Workshop by David Zuelke
Clean Application Development
Workshop by Adam Culp
HOWTO Empathy (Opening Keynote)
Keynote by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby
The technology powering WonderProxy
Talk by Paul Reinheimer
Beyond MVC: from Model to Domain
Talk by Jeremy Cook
Contributing to Core: My Journey to Add array_column() to the PHP Core
Talk by Ben Ramsey
CakePHP: The Yum and the Yuck
Talk by Mark Story
Testing Spaghetti
Talk by Gemma Anible
Why you should know how PHP works
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
How To Be A Great Developer
Talk by Ed Finkler
TDD: The Good Parts
Talk by Adam Wathan
Object-Oriented JavaScript (yes, it really exists)
Talk by Jordan Kasper
Reframing The Problem: How To Think Like A Computer Scientist
Talk by Daniel Cousineau
Security Is Not a Feature, It's a State of Mind
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
For PHP devs with mixed feelings about JavaScript
Talk by Brian Graham
Open Sourcing Mental Illness
Talk by Ed Finkler
Refactoring 101
Talk by Adam Culp
Continuous Testing In PHP
Talk by Eric Hogue
Introduction to OAuth
Talk by Matt Frost
Composer Best Practices
Talk by Jordi Boggiano
Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You
Talk by Jeff Carouth
The Twelve-Factor App: Best Practices for PHP on Platforms-as-a-Service
Talk by David Zuelke
Pimping Zend Framework Applications with Apigility
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam
Writing Code That Lasts
Talk by Rafael Dohms