Talk comments

a fun event. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

really enjoyed this one. Good energy from both presenters.

Always nice to see how your implementation compares to the other schools, both larger and smaller.

Good exchange of ideas, and a timeline of UNC-W's history of wireless

Good job presenting. As a user of the ASU Drupal implementation, I have enjoyed getting out of site design, and just get to focus on content.

Loved Tim's presentation and delivery and left more persuaded than I had been before. But always worry when there is little or no mention of academics. How can LBS be used for academic events and classes, even research and extension efforts? Bring it back to the mission so it's not just more gratuitous connectivity or marketing distractions.

Kind of hard to hear at times.
Appreciated the perspectives/approach to IAM from Western and UNC

A creative use of the network tools, and a clever way to integrate them.