Talk comments

A basic introduction to the concept and structure of kubernetes, with incredible live demonstation and live configuration.

The talk inspired to start with Kubernetes.

Thomas described his git workflow from scratch, using short living feature branches, working on master and using semantic versioning.

Another topic was the structure of commit messages, to get a readable and usable history of code changes.

A very good talk to optimize the work with this fundamental tool for developers.

Talk from the Co-Developer of Doctrine about the History of SQL,
the Pros and Cons of ORM,
where to take care of Performance of ORM,
and use Basic SQL instead.

Very useful presentation for the daily work.

A very good talk with the presentaion of performance boosting methods.

Very good introduction to Event Storming,
me as a Newbie got the concept thanks to the talk with working examples

Claudio at 22:13 on 16 Oct 2019

There were a lot to hear where I had to nod and agree on. This is one of those talks that would help consumers of open source to understand about maintaining a project. It is also a call for people to start a small open source project yourself.

Claudio at 22:10 on 16 Oct 2019

Sehr guter Einstieg in die Basics der Volltextsuche mit anschließender Vertiefung in die Datenbanken.

Claudio at 22:07 on 16 Oct 2019

Sehr hilfreicher Vortrag für die Formulierung von technischen Texten, welcher mir in Zukunft von Nutzen sein wird. Sehr dynamisch und mit viel Energie von Melanie vorgetragen.

Claudio at 22:05 on 16 Oct 2019

I enjoyed this talk for teaching this approach of testing. It was short, but enough to for research and to start introducing Scientist in a project.

Claudio at 22:03 on 16 Oct 2019

Great talk where I had to agree based on experience on many mentioned topics about working together and softskills. Plus: Buffy animations in slides. :-)