Talk comments

Almost like watching a German comedy in English. The best part was the constant banter. They addressed many real problems we face with getting code.

The examples were simple but helped illustrate how to write testable code. Thanks for the talk!

Evan's talk was excellent, one of the most impressive stories I have heard in my entire career. Even after going through several startups, and multiple software company acquisitions, this is my favorite success story of all time -- and I learned a lot from it.

A really fun keynote that felt like a uncon session. Indeed the best talk of the conference, hypothetically..

I enjoyed this workshop. There was a lot of in-depth explanation of the owasp top-10 so it was attendable for both beginners and maybe people more "experienced" in security. One of the biggest problems was the time: a lot of time was spend on the bottom 5 issues, while the top 5 (the most common, and thus the most important ones) were a bit rushed, maybe you could timebox the different issues a bit.

@Chris - Thanks for the feedback. That's very helpful and something I can do to improve the talk for next time.

The "You're Doin' Git" song:

Anonymous at 18:29 on 19 Sep 2013

Great information about AWS and the PHP SDK. The new SDK stuff looks awesome! Thanks for the free AWS credits!!!

Great talk and discussions. Thank you for explaining git bisect and filter-branch in a way that actually makes sense.

Lots of cool information about MongoDB I didn't know about. It seemed like there was possibly too much information to cover in one session though.