Talk comments

Brian Cleary at 23:11 on 26 Nov 2019

Exactly the talk I needed to grok parser combinators. Good showcase for Elixir. I wish it'd gone a little into the distinction he meant for lexer vs parser when using parser combinators (i.e. how much of the grammar ends up in the lexer), but otherwise fantastic. 1.75x was a good playback speed for those who like to keep things moving.

Great workshop! Very organized, easy to follow, communication with trainer was excellent. When we bumped upon something difficult, Mrs Tianyu Pu was there for every each one of us. The style of presentation and communication was exquisite. I learned a lot and upgraded my previous knowledge on much higher level.

Matej Ba?o at 08:45 on 18 Oct 2019

Good introduction to the language and it's ecosystem, glad I went.

Nikola Plejic at 21:16 on 17 Oct 2019

Tomáš made sure we all thoroughly understood the foundations of the language in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. By the end of the workshop, we had enough tools to continue exploring Elm on our own, which is as much as you can expect from a single-day introductory session (especially if, like me, you're someone who hasn't touched any serious frontend software development in ages).

Although I'm aware it's a significant challenge due to the number of concepts that need to be introduced, it might be interesting to try and get people's hands dirty with some more significant side-effect heavy stuff like HTTP requests.

Ivan Hojan at 13:37 on 17 Oct 2019

Great experience and definitely worth the time. Marcello was very energetic and passionate in presenting us the topic and sharing his knowledge.

Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended…. Matthias is an excellent instructor

This is a hot topic. Remote work gives advantage to employers and as more and more people start to work remotely, it will become a skill that employers will look for in people. This could be one of the skills for the future

Very interesting story about failure in life-critical system. A lot of facts provide a wider picture how this story came to an unfortunate ending.

Interesting topic about standardisation and future of transport in general. The title is maybe a bit misleading.

General popular neuroscience topics. Maybe not enough emphasis why it matters to this specific audience.