Talk comments

Praveen, Sorry. Those additional placeholder slides were not developed further.

hi rob thanks for updating the slides, but if you have those pages written up in another document may be would it be lot of trouble if i ask you those information as well, because its really hard to find reference material for ZFCE examination. im planning to take the exam this month end.

many thanks again.


Those slides were not included in the talk. I have fixed the download.

I'm trying to do a talk at my company about practical lessons learned from ZendCon 2009 and have realized this presentation was one of the best in this regard.

Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the presentation or better yet for the slides to be posted online?

Just wanted to clarify my earlier comment (Oct 22, 2009, 18:25). My comment that I avoided Stefan's OOP talk was not really phrased the way I meant it. As written, I seem to suggest that I had a problem with Stefan personally--that's definitely *not* the case. (After all, I don't know him at all, personally or professionally, really!) Instead, I avoided his talk because I felt as though the material that would be covered in the OOP talk would be well over my head--similar to how some of the concepts in the Code Review were over my head.

In essence, I feel that Stefan didn't quite bring the Code Review discussion to a level that was suitable to the audience as a whole, instead catering more to those who were "in the know," so to speak; I was concerned that he would continue this pattern in the OOP talk.

To sum up: I'm hoping to attend one of Stefan's talks in the future, since it's quite obvious that he really, really knows his stuff. However, I stand by my criticisms of the session as a whole (audio problems, lack of direction, mismatch of expectations).

(My new 4-thumb rating is for Sebastian, Stefan, and Arne professionally--these guys obviously know PHP backwards and forwards!)

Mr. Higgins knows his stuff. For me, however, there was too much information for the small amount of time. I felt overwhelmed by the speed. Perhaps moving this Dojo session to the 3-hour tutorial schedule would have been better.

I did glean a valuable performance tip from the talk (programmatic style is faster than declarative).

I'd like to see Peter return and either:
1) have more time, or
2) focus on a smaller subject area, or
3) do an overview at a slightly slower pace

The talk did inspire me to dig deeper into Dojo upon my return home.

This was a disappointing session.

Specifically, too much time was wasted with the speakers talking over one another and getting each other off track. Time was also lost deciding which code examples to pull up. You should have come prepared with specific examples.

And like others have mentioned, I expected more in the way of code review strategies or processes that I could bring back home to my team.

I attended other talks given by Sebastian, Stefan and Arne later in the conference so I know they can be good presenters.

This was one of the best sessions I attended. There are lots of PHP developers that need to start thinking about their code in a different way - I'm one of them.

This was a great opportunity to see a real world example of how an enterprise shop is run. I'll be taking these slides and presenting some of these ideas to our small but growing development team.

This was one of the most useful sessions I attended. A ton of material was covered.