API First


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Good talk, especially for 8am on the last day. Excited to go back and make everything API first going forward.

He started with how not to do things and why and I completely related with his examples. He showed exactly how to fix this with an API. He also wanted against potential pitfalls when building APIs. Most importantly he explained how to effectively sell the idea of an API to your company.

Good talk, but perhaps a bit slow in pace.

Good talk. Great strategy for legacy code conversion.

Ramsey is an amazing speaker; additionally the material was awesome and the slides are extremely helpful. I think Ramsey does a great job in discussing the points and mentioning great design principles in the same same fashion.

Anonymous at 06:52 on 10 Oct 2013

Great overview! Can't wait to get stated.

Anonymous at 06:53 on 10 Oct 2013

another great presentation, lots of information, thanks Ben! PS, thank you for having the slides available, makes taking notes easier.

Good talk, and I too enjoyed that the talk started out with how not to do things, and why that way would end up in a big ball of mud. By listening to this talk I realized that one of my sites is now in serious need for an architecture change; without it, I'll end up with another ball of mud.

Great overview and organization of architectural advantages of API first.

Perhaps too much time explaining the problem, which I am aware of already. I would have liked some more real world examples.

He went over a lot of points. Really liked it.

Very well presented with lots of good info. Agree with other poster in that example implementations would have been the icing on the cake.

Spent too much time explaining the whys, but after a great talk that covered lots of interesting stuff.

Excellent and helpful info, very relevant. I second the thankfulness of having the slides available early!

A little higher-level than I would have liked, but good information from an overview level. Good presentation.

Would have liked a little more code focus here:
- Problems with using the API from Javascript
- Authentication/authorization
- Versioning

Would be nice to hear a little about the benefits of exposing your API to the public, as well!

Apart from that, great!

Anonymous at 14:49 on 10 Oct 2013

Glad I woke up early for this talk! Great argument for why/how to architect your system to use an API to reduce business logic repetition and "big ball of mud" code. Really appreciated how you also went into how to introduce this architecture to legacy code.

Great presentation. I gathered lots of one-sentence quotes I can use back at my work.

Excellent content and delivery, and the interweaving of anecdotes and education was seamless.

I don't know if it was intentional, but the slides did leave adequate time at the end for questions, which can allow the audience to bring up relevant API topics not covered in the slides themselves. Re: Espen's comment above, I think those are good subjects to bring up (as talking points) even if the audience doesn't think to ask about them.