Opening Keynote


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Excellent opening. It's great to be in the right field at the right time partnered by the right company-Zend.

Beginning through middle was interesting and engaging. Flagged a bit towards the end. I felt the portions on continuous delivery weren't well organized and lacked direction. It was hard to be engaged during the demo of deployment on zend server- the important parts of the interface weren't visible.

The quick demo of apigility was very well done, showed off important aspects of how the tool can help developers, seemed to be accessible to veteran API devs and those of us (like me) with little to no experience writing them. It cemented my decision to attend Matthew's apigility session.

Enjoyed the music. Excited to hear about Apigility.

Anonymous at 08:46 on 8 Oct 2013

Great new toolset for the PHP developers , very interesting...

Some exciting things at Zend

I would love to see more about development, and less about the operations side, and marketing.

Interesting stuff but I wish it was less about promoting Zend and more about PHP

apigility demo was great and I'm really looking forward to working with it. Pacing of overall keynote could have been better and the question/answer thing seemed like it could have been better rehearsed to flow more smoothly.

Apigility demo was great, very well-done, and engaging. I unfortunately had a tough time following the continuous delivery stuff from the back of the room.

Despite the big marketing part of the keynote there were some interesting topics like Apigility.

Excellent run-through of apigility.

I would have loved to see <anything> about what's coming to PHP instead of all pretty much about Zend.

Very excited about Apigility.

Excellent announcement of new tools. The IRC channel gave it an extra star.

Overall state of PHP and where things are going would have been much more interesting. There are enough marketing sessions around Zend specific stuff in the breakout sessions. And what's up with a maintenance page during the Continuous Delivery segment? Maybe a good uncon session could be why a maintenance page is an anti pattern to Continuous Delivery.

Did seem like a marketing talk, but I did find the tools shown to have use for me.

Anonymous at 12:19 on 8 Oct 2013

Good talk. Apigility was very interesting.

What was the difference between the Apigility intro and the talk?

Zend tools were interesting and worked well as an introduction to Zend Tools - however as others have stated would have been nice to open up with a bit about PHP ecosystem in general before going into new Zend stuff

Anonymous at 12:39 on 8 Oct 2013

Great start to ZendCon! Apigility sounds great!

Zend sever looks and sounds great. Can't wait to see some demos this evening.

Good overview of new Zend tools/projects. A lot of the tools feel like they replicate current solutions that already exist/people should have been using already anyway.

Nothing about the future of PHP or the overall current state of PHP outside of the Zend universe (Symfony, Aura, Silex, Laraval, Composer) where's the cooperation/collaboration?

Excited to learn about and that a blueprint for CI is being brought out.

Good presentation until about the last half hour. Apigility portion was very interesting

interesting, the demo was not really necessary.

Great job. Good presentations. It really has me excited to get back to the office and push the Zend products to my boss.

Nice to see the new Apigility product. Can't want to learn more.

Excited about Apigility. Eager for authentication feature and for tighter Doctrine support.

Good talk, inspiring, especially with the talk about apigility, but a bit zend-centric. I guess it's not surprising considering it was "zendcon".

This opening talk was a great way to whet our appetite for the many talks about Apigility.