Test{able|ing} Zend Framework 2 Applications


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Excellent presentation! Although it was mostly an overview, it had a lot of good information about testing and PHPunit.

Pretty good talk. I feel like a lot of time was spent on talking about what makes a framework. I would have liked some more time spent on how to test specific parts of a ZF2 application.

Pretty good talk covering not only unit testing, but also integration testing with several useful tools. One suggestion might be to show the advantages of the DI vs SL patterns in the controller layer, explaining how that affects ease of testing with unit tests (non-integration tests). Sebastian was a good sport putting up with my heckling. :)

Great topic, well rounded presentation. Please keep inviting Sebastian. He is one of the reasons I come to ZendCon!!!

it is nice to get validation that what we are trying is the right way to go, Also nice to hear about MINK may have to give that a try..

Thanks for the talk!

was a good overall talk, but not much was said about testing ZF2 apps specifically.

I would like to see more information and examples of PHPUnit, something about the topic still eludes me. I have had trouble getting that aha grok moment in how it all works.

I have not used PHPUnit, mostly because I still don't understand exactly how to use it. This session will start me on that path.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 9 Oct 2013

Mink integration is good

Good presentation of how to test web apps, not only business logic components.

Liked the edge to edge testing coverage.

I would have loved to have less "intro" and more "phpunit". Still, great talk and the contents were very relevant (plus he's a freaking genius).

Decent talk, but I think it needed more concrete examples within the Zend framework. +1 for introducing Mink and Behat which are new to me.

Useful info but I was expecting him to go into ways we write testable code especially with zf2. Unfortunately I didn't get anything new from this talk.

Could definitely have been more concrete and code specific.

I would have liked more concrete implementations, but still quite useful!