The rise of the Cloud Native developer


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Anonymous at 12:08 on 8 Oct 2013

informative talk.

Cool insight into google and app engine. Ithis is awesome to see this type of transpeancy

I'm sure it's fine information, but I didn't make the connection to my role as a PHP developer. It seemed to be more of a marketing talk about the stability of Google's cloud service.

Complete presentation.

It was a cool talk, but like the opening keynote, its more for operations or marketing. Most of us are just developers, and dont make the decisions about our server infrastructures.

Google App engine marketing plug without really giving insight into how PHP works within app engine.

I will be trying out the Google solutions soon. Thanks for the talk.

Interesting talk with some things I didn't know about google. Carbon neutral? Cool! Glad to see PHP embraced more by Google.

Interesting talk with some things I didn't know about google. Carbon neutral? Cool! Glad to see PHP embraced more by Google.

Hi guys, yeah I had wanted to talk more about php on GAE specifically, but we have a dedicated session on that so I didn't want to overlap. Sorry if it ended up too devops-heavy.

Nice talk about the general state and direction of things in the world of data and the development cycle and the cloud. Enjoyed this a lot.

I would have liked more coverage of PHP, for example a demo of setting up a PHP web application and an overview of the available options.

Good talk about Google and their services. I'm looking forward to trying out App Engine now with PHP support

A normal talk - not bad, not excellent. While a good insight into Google technologies, but many conclusions and predictions are objectionable.

I'd object, that outsourcing infrastructure to a specialized company, makes it more resource efficient. There are many examples, when privately managed things show much more better results - you can even recall the last century's global competition of capitalism vs communism, and the results - who won.

Also the slide with "core business logic" was quite an opinion-manipulating by showing the main logic (usually what developers do) as too small one in comparison to other technologies around it. While infrastructure definitely matters, but for vast majority of projects the business logic is not of 1/30 of other tech-related stuff, which was shown on the slide just to impress the audience.

It was nice to got some ideas on possible further development of our industry. And it was great to get knowledge on some tasks of a big scales, that are solved by Google. Without a person from inside, we cannot imagine that, because everybody of us has his own tasks in his everyday work, and we cannot imagine others' challenges if he wouldn't tell us about them. So it was valuable.

It was also interesting to see Google's (or its high tech manager's) point of view on cloud, PHP, networks and services they are giving to developers. However, we should not forget, that it is a keynote public talk, so there is a lot of marketing stuff in it. And overall in a modern world - everything can change much in a day. Thus anything said may be important, and may be not at all (and never developed) - 50/50. Personally I lacked the inspiration from the talk, which was marked as a keynote for this conference.

Would it be possible to provide slides please, thanks.

I loved it. I dont care if a keynote plugs. it raised the awareness of necessity of platform performance and resilience. Also, if google takes notice, then it's a good

Anonymous at 15:05 on 8 Oct 2013

Just wish that google cloud supported private instances (private IP)

I am more into tech-oriented talks and this felt like a plug. For some reason I found the "green" side of the talk quite interesting.

Decent information and opinions, nothing really wrong with it, but I think the time slot was unfortunate. There was no real "punch" in the content, which lead to a food coma for me personally. I think Peter speaks well, but just not right after lunch. :)

I didn't enjoy as it felt more like it was being read than presented.

Yes, I agree about the marketing talk part. And the lack of PHP. Still geeky cool info on their infrastructure and philosophy. Will try app engine.

I agree with some others, it was just a bit too much marketing, non real content.