Talk comments

I like the ideas behind ZF3 and how they have been presented. Great talk!

This was meant to be 5 starts. I blame fat fingers and the phone.

Excellent talk and very important in pointing to continuing misuse of some of zf2 features and shortcuts meant primarily for quick prototyping.
I stand by my previous comment: it should have been longer to cover even more of those.

Anonymous at 14:58 on 17 Nov 2015

Great stuff, took lots of notes. Feeling pretty good about where to do and/or what to try when looking into performance issues or planning ahead for a new project.

Outstanding keynote and talk. Really enjoyed it. Many "tweetable moments" that were called out in the slides as well as even more between them.

I feel very impressed from Your session. I believe our worries are resolved in Ver 3!

Excellent content from Marco! Domain-centric development is a topic that needs emphasis. This talk did ti well. Also there were lots of practical tips included.

As a IBM i newbie... this opened my mind up to all kinds of possibilities. As a hard core db admin, I have been shown the light to letting go! Margaret is awesome, demonstrating the knowledge and excitement anyone would want on their team!

Great talk! Loved the format of the presentation.