Join us for ZgPHP Meetup #86!

Thursday 18th October 2018

18:00 Using migrations and fixtures
Talk by Miro Svrtan (30 minutes)

Manually adding data to our development environment is tedious and boring, not being sure on what changes will be applied to production database after deployment can be dangerous. To battle this issues, developers decided to load gigabytes of production data on their machines or run queries manually before or after deployment. In the world of crazy fast changes, working with more and more team mates and on more complex projects, automation and reliability are becoming a must have. Fixtures will give you opportunity to have small yet relevant data set so you don't have to import production data or enter testing data into the system your self, every time system changes. By using migrations we can easily transfer database changes amongst the team and get the confidence on the changes that will be applied to staging/production. In my case, both concepts helped communicate changes better and allowed us to modify the system with more confidence and at a faster pace. While some popular frameworks and ORM's don't ship with fixtures or migrations support by default, there are great extensions to provide this. I will showcase ones for Symfony and Doctrine but talk is more about their concepts and not the implementations.

How to build eZ Platform websites using Netgen open-source components
Talk by Mario Blažek (30 minutes)

From the early days of Netgen existence, we have been building solutions based on eZ CMS, finding it a supreme base for complex content-driven projects. Over 15 years of working with eZ, we have – like many other companies – developed a toolbox of smaller and bigger components that we use for most of our projects. The root idea was to build a foundation from which new projects can derive, having all repetitive tasks already preconfigured and set. A lot of these components were open sourced in the process. Now we want to go a step further and offer the whole Netgen eZ stack as an easy-to-use open source skeleton for your next great eZ Platform site!

[LIGHTNING TALK] Trikoder trim
Talk by Alen Pokos (5 minutes)

Frontend to administer a headless CMS

[LIGHTNING TALK] What I think about migrations and fixtures
Talk by Zoran Antolovic (5 minutes)


Talk by Vilim Stubičan (5 minutes)


[LIGHTNING TALK] Code path finder demo
Talk by Marijan Suflaj (5 minutes)