Talk comments

Kevin Boyd at 11:04 on 29 Sep 2019

A great talk that covered different leadership styles and provided some great examples of servant leadership (and task-oriented leadership), as well as advice on setting goals that are achievable. A solid aspect of the talk was how it approached Diversity, lamenting that we in tech struggle to achieve even the basest level (inherent diversity) - thus depriving ourselves of the diversity of thought needed to truly bring the best ideas forth.

Kevin Boyd at 10:44 on 29 Sep 2019

This talk was chock full of information about aspects of computer science that might be outside the experience of the self-taught developer. Big-O notation, data structures (stacks, heaps, dictionaries, graphs), etc. Some code examples might have helped make the content more approachable, and the transition from Big-O to data structures might have thrown folks for a loop (sorry for the pun) if they weren't readily able to connect the low-level stuff being discussed with the high-level stuff they may have used in the past. Gif game was on point!

Kevin Boyd at 10:33 on 29 Sep 2019

This talk contained a lot of great advice both for existing code reviewers and organizations that are considering implementing code review. I appreciated the examples of highlighting successes and doling out the warm fuzzies. The discussion of bus factor (or lottery factor) was also appreciated, because it helped to establish an important but overlooked benefit of code review: cross-organization education and knowledge sharing.

Kevin Boyd at 16:20 on 27 Sep 2019

Thank you for this talk. It was very moving and informative, and I hope that many people benefited from hearing it.

Bill Condo at 08:05 on 26 Sep 2019

Steve is always a good resource on WordPress subjects. Testing is something the WordPress community needs more of and his presentation is a great resource to get folks in that direction.

Bill Condo at 07:51 on 26 Sep 2019

I'm always a fan of walking through building something live and Jason pulled it off quite successfully. Personally not a big fan of Tailwind itself, but it does has usefulness in quickly prototyping ideas. Great job!

Bill Condo at 07:15 on 26 Sep 2019

Michael's delivery was straight forward and simple to understand. ML has been a bit of a mystery to me and this helped me start to learn and use the various strategies in future projects.

Having recently transitioned to modern PHP from a background that involved dealing with a lot of ancient and legacy PHP. This talk provides some valuable insight into the changes I am currently discovering and embracing as part of my development.
Ben is a great speaker with a proven track record and did not disappoint in delivering this talk informatively and clearly in a digestible manor.

Matt Trask at 06:29 on 23 Sep 2019

Like always, Josh delivers a great talk about how to be the leader we all want to have.

Dana Luther at 06:26 on 23 Sep 2019

I really enjoyed this - getting to know more about how PHP-FIG works. It's nice to move something from the realm of 'I loosely understand what that is' to 'I actually know what that is'. Considering it was a last minute addition, I thought it went really well.