Talk comments

Tim Bond at 11:54 on 28 Sep 2018

I worked on an application once using command and event handlers. I understood just enough of it to be able to copy/paste the existing ones and make things work and have the lead developer merge my code.
This talk was the introduction that I should have had at the beginning. All principles were will explained and the examples gave me a solid understanding of everything.

Tim Bond at 11:52 on 28 Sep 2018

Tons of great info in this session, the slides are going to be a great reference in the future. I really liked the idea of using the business' own evaluations to make a determination of when to maintain, rewrite, or scuttle an application.

Miro Svrtan at 17:01 on 22 Sep 2018

Great talk, amazing subject and brilliant execution!

Miro Svrtan at 17:00 on 22 Sep 2018

I'm not sure that this abstract represents the talk very well: I expected more of a technical 'how-to' for refactoring then a soft talk on how to achieve the goal of convincing others to do refactoring.

I still loved the talk and Adam did a great job presenting it. If speaker didnt mention 3-4 times that this was first time doing this talk, I would not have picked upon it so: great job!

Miro Svrtan at 16:57 on 22 Sep 2018

I think this really interesting subject, great content.

Not sure if speaker was tired due to travel & 9 timezones difference or not prepared but there were few occasions that can be easily polished for this talk to be a 5* one (IMO):

- tempo was broken on 4-5 occasions and it was hard to follow with going back and forth as speaker noted that he missed some details
- I would suggest watching at attendees a bit more than to the screen of the laptop

Miro Svrtan at 16:52 on 22 Sep 2018

Great keynote!

Thank you Cal for sharing your wisdoms with us

Nour Akalay at 03:50 on 20 Sep 2018

I ate so much I felt guilty. That Jamaican Ginger beer was mind-blowingly good. The crowd around was awesome. More please!

Nour Akalay at 03:46 on 20 Sep 2018

This was great fun. Watching a PC user struggle to use a Mac was just priceless. On the content part, I regret that not more was said about how Concrete5 makes things easier for users and how it thicks many of the boxes for websites performance best practice. But I can't complain too much as I was given an opportunity to talk about that myself and didn't take it.
Maybe next time... (yes please)

Nour Akalay at 03:42 on 20 Sep 2018

Craig Dennis shares his journey with humility. He talks about his family, his work, and the process of discovering one's biases and addressing them in an environment that isn't necessarily conducive to that. I know thinking about his words on mansplaining made me feel highly uncomfortable with myself. Definitely food for thoughts.

Nour Akalay at 03:38 on 20 Sep 2018

What I really liked about this talk is how honest it was. Andrew had no problem sharing errors made, disagreements, and generally owning up to every misguided decision made when building Concrete5. Andrew is a very likable presenter with great presence (keep an eye on that... eye contact though :)
And yes it was also very informative and seeing the big picture is definitely not the same as just being a community member.