Talk comments

Elizabeth: I hope it didn't sound like I was discouraging people from learning how the low-level stuff works – it can be extremely useful.

I've debugged a few HTTP issue in the past, but this talk showed be a few things I hadn't heard about. Good for beginners and advanced people.

Great talk / introduction... and providing a good kick in my butt for actually starting.

I really enjoyed this talk as someone who's a recent convert to ops. While I'm not directly involved in deployments, I learned a lot here that can be applied / shared with my coworkers.

Good [redacted] talk. I especially like [redacted] [redacted] when [redacted] [redacted].

As someone who's been a mentor in the past (and honestly wasn't that great at it), this was a great talk / set of tips. I wish I had gotten this presentation when I was a mentor.

Definitely some good tips for programmers. Plus I'm a fan of the songs. :)

Maybe I should trust my intuition more... Great talk, maybe a bit fast and I would have loved more deep information into the topic. Really interesting, and it made me think about who I am and realised: Damn, my life is awesome right now! ;-)

Great, you gave me nightmares.

This really made me think though and it's one of the talks in this conference where I really got something useful out of it and a different way to look at everything I post online. Thanks for a very enlightening, interesting, and entertaining talk.