Talk comments

Timo Bakx at 16:34 on 24 Aug 2020

Very nice talk. I loved the hands-on approach of taking the audience through a test and working out the results together.

Timo Bakx at 16:33 on 24 Aug 2020

I loved the talk. It was so nice, personal and awesome. Very good to follow. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

Jelmer Prins at 15:02 on 22 Aug 2020

Loved the talk and the advice given. Thank you!

Jelmer Prins at 15:01 on 22 Aug 2020

It might have been that I had the wrong expectations from this talk but it left me feeling wanting a bit more.
Since we are all living through it I think the summary of the current/past events could have been a bit shorter and focus a bit more on what we can learn from this going forward.

Jelmer Prins at 14:59 on 22 Aug 2020

Felt a bit silly to try the things out while watching, like I was participating in one of those TV fitness shows but it actually helped

More great exercises. Funny to hear Ewout tell exactly what I was feeling when making certain moves.

Very interesting talk, with a good test and interesting views on how the brain works. A totally different way of looking at diversity, which I found nice and refreshing.

I loved this personal approach. Hearing other people's experiences is so much more valuable to me than a purely technical "this is how you do things" talk. This one was presented in a great way.

Good to hear other people's experiences and the take-aways. Maybe (just maybe) doing the talk while standing instead of sitting could make the talk a bit more dynamic.

Hearing Chris talk about testing is a sure way to get a lot of knowledge in, and while I've been testing code for a long time I still (re-)learned a couple of things.