Talk comments

R A Schneider at 16:06 on 22 Apr 2016

The detailed examples of how to use the features were really helpful in understanding them.

Very action packed. I'm going to have to work through the video a couple times to totally "get it" but a great introduction to all that the library can do. I came for all the talks, but the async talks were the things that made me attend, and I'm happy I did.

Improvements? Maybe practice a little, I've heard you more relaxed in podcast but you seemed a little nervous today. Your talk was amazing so just get comfortable giving it. :)

Joe Compton at 14:57 on 22 Apr 2016

Great and JAM PACKED of information. Almost too much information, for the last presentation. Would have been better if was earlier in the day or a little more time was taken so that I had time to absorb everything. Looking forward to the video to go back through the presentation again.

Ben Chrisman at 14:53 on 22 Apr 2016

Very technical and insightful information - will definitely need to review the slides.

Ben Chrisman at 14:50 on 22 Apr 2016

Great attempt at changing up how presentations are normally given, but the execution could use some work. A for effort.

Ethan Heitman at 14:49 on 22 Apr 2016

Great overview of Hack. Most of those features seem extremely useful and I hope they work their way into PHP.

One thing I wish you had in your slides was syntax highlighting for the code examples. It would have made them a bit easier to digest while listening to your talk.

Informative, clear and with enough examples! Great talk overall!

Power-packed. You wanted the Hack you got the Hack.

No other recommendations.

Ben Chrisman at 14:46 on 22 Apr 2016

Great thorough explanation of PSR7 and Middleware

Marat at 14:46 on 22 Apr 2016

Great talk. A lot of interesting thinks about HACK. I am already thinking about to move to it from PHP