Talk comments

Interesting talk and some nice tips / examples to view your site on a mobile device. Also well presented by Sam, he really knows what he is talking about!

Anonymous at 09:41 on 13 Jun 2012

It was an interesting topic, presenting the pros and cons of using one platform or the other and the examples were convincing. Personally I would have liked it more if more attention was paid to the code in the examples and less time outlining why the corporate organizations are the big bad wolf.

on OpenDDR

Very interesting talk about a product I didn't even know existed. And having the client enhance the talk was a great idea and really enforced the software's usefulness. A very smart presentation.

Very interesting topic but a lot to fit into 45 minutes. I would have liked at least 2 separate PhoneGap presentations with deeper dives. But I feel the presenter covered as much as he could in 45 minutes.

@Adina -

The GitHub projects are linked from the demo slide in my presentation. The links are:


Titanium Mobile App:

A little lite on content covering future mobile uses but good lay of the land for what will be APIs/features to come in the future.

Grate talk! Covered the real problems with agile devs trying to get a clearer picture of what the users want.
All techys who work with biz guys(non-techys) should see this as addressed how to get the real requirements :)

really useful tips for mobile developers. thanks!