Talk comments

Eugene Svidko at 16:11 on 24 Feb 2017

Always wondered what makes those "chasing products" products chasing me for so long. Great talk!

Eugene Svidko at 16:06 on 24 Feb 2017

Nice talk, really enjoyed the use of real life examples overviewing the project and covering both advantages and barriers of working with Kanban.

Eugene Svidko at 16:00 on 24 Feb 2017

Entertaining talk, constructive and very well presented. Looking forward to more of these!

Good talk by James, liked how he shared his experience and opinions during the questions as well. I would suggest in future to be more animated. Though a great talk it did feel like it was being presented to just one person. Its the same issue everyone goes though in there first few talks (Im exactly the same!). Looking forward to more talks like this in the future.

Was a great look into the ad industry and how they are looking to seamlessly integrate into sites instead of the old fashion "LOOK HERE!" mentality.

Eugene Svidko at 15:31 on 24 Feb 2017

Amazing talk with a wide angle covered in short time. Great examples, will find a use in day-to-day development. Incremental build model is the way forward!

Good talk, with a great delivery. Working examples were also a nice touch.

Clear presentation with some really good insights on Kanban out of the speaker real project experience as a QA engineer working on project using Kanban. WIP, managing their workflow, flow... all within some context that involved the QA perspective.

Engaging speaker. Very interesting usage of old Japanese painting on a contemporaneous context.

The keynote deserved more time — which is a compliment. Loads of great ideas, some needed to be shortened or rushed, which didn't take much from the presentation. Great to hear about Inner Sourcing and CP, and how a organisational problem led to product design and innovation.