Our regular internal conference brings together all of our offices to share their knowledge and experiences. Icon started out as a way for developers to meet each other and learn about the cool things their colleagues were working on. We’ve since expanded it to welcome project managers, QA, business analysts and more, to further collaboration.

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Keynote by Nick Abbott, Cathy Dearson in Shift (35 minutes)


Radical Collaboration & Design Thinking
Talk by Alex Blaney, Adrian Forster in Alt (40 minutes)

The User-Experience team is growing, we're adopting new exciting methods and mindsets. In this talk from Alex & Adrian we will give you some insight into what we're doing and how it'll benefit us all, from Inviqa to our clients and their customers.

L&D Tooling
Workshop by Nick Abbott in Shift (40 minutes)

An opportunity for a guided try-out session of new L&D systems from a Learner/LM coupled with an open Q&A usage and on the roadmap for future features.

Creating a J-Meter in PHP with Generators and Pipelines
Talk by Dan Leech in Tab (40 minutes)

Find out how to utilize the power of Generators and Pipelines to create a performance profiler in PHP.

QA and Testing - a Retrospective
Talk by James Sheasby Thomas in Alt (20 minutes)

The term 'Quality Assurance' has a controversial reputation within parts of the testing community - quality cannot be assured, although it can be assessed, analysed, advocated for, questioned or improved. However 'Testing' does not fully describe what modern testers do and the impact they can have on project success. Could there be a better label for the role that Inviqa's QA Team performs? In this talk, James will discuss the limitations of both 'QA' and 'Testing' as labels for the role/purpose of Inviqa's QA team, as well as previous attempts to define these terms. He will also explore the many ways that our QA Analysts use their time and skills to help ensure project success and meaningful quality, and situations where our role overlaps with others. Attendees will be invited to contribute to the discussion and suggest possible alternative labels to 'QA' and 'Testing'.

Rapid Co-Creation: Combining prototypes and co-creation
Workshop by Adrian Forster in Shift (20 minutes)

Can we can reduce uncertainty, de-risk our deliverables and encourage our clients to open up to more innovative possibilities? Using Human Centred Design, we explore how we can co-create with cross functional teams, stakeholders and users to turn concepts into working prototypes and how that results in validated designs and de-risked development deliverables.

How to get data from Akeneo to your shop
Talk by Andrey Astakhov in Tab (20 minutes)

1. Short intro of Akeneo. 2. Different options of data syncronization between Akeneo and shops. 3. Compare approaches.

Making a simple game with Unity
Workshop by Marco Lopes in Shift (1 hour, 40 minutes)

Hands on workshop, where we're going to create a simple game using the Unity game engine.

Considered and Considerate A Guide to Stakeholder Management
Talk by Stephen McNairn in Alt (40 minutes)

This talk will focus on approaches I have learned and challenges I've faced working with challenging project stakeholders. I'll look at different types of stakeholders and highlight some techniques I have used to keep team and stakeholder work in the same direction towards a positive project outcome. I will also cover how an empathic approach to stakeholder management is often the fuel we need for an effective Agile delivery.

Building a mobile app with Ionic
Talk by Edward Chen in Tab (40 minutes)

A talk about our experiences with building an iOS and Android mobile app using Ionic

Building APIs so everybody is happy
Talk by Razvan Mocanu in Alt (20 minutes)

A short presentation of Swagger/OpenAPI and/or GraphQL

Starting Grid
Talk by Barry Bloye in Tab (20 minutes)

CSS Grid is here! A look at the concepts and methods behind the Web's first true layout standard.

Kick Off in Alt (2 hour)

Kick Off