Talk comments

Late review, but I quite enjoyed this talk. Introduced new, useful tools and gave a quick overview of how to use them effectively.

Chris does not inundate you with buzz-words, but still manages to convey solid technical information to those who are a bit slower (like myself).

I think I'll start looking into Drupal!

For Web developers, learning security principles is just as important as learning Object Oriented principles. At the end of the lecture, someone mentioned their might be a hole in one of the code examples; how did that pan out?

The personal and real world examples (NASA and Mozilla) really brought home things my boss has been trying to teach me.

I wish my middle management and executives could have attended, next time they will. Thanks Snipe.

I look forward to seeing you again at the next conference, sorry about having to stay in Texas for another week.

I think it would be beneficial to 4 parts:
1. Intro to PHP(using xamp)- CRUD app using PHP, MySQL, and html.
2. Frameworks - Update/rewrite the app with Bootstrap (GUI) and Zend or Laravel(MVC).
3. Security - Filter inputs, escape outputs, prepare SQL statements, basic XSS.
4. Stack components - Install an configure Apache, PHP, MySQL and maybe even setup virtual hosting.

I left more details with the Lone Star PHP 2014 email questionnaire.

always good, always chalked full of good info.

good slides, good tidbits, never pushed one tool gave you two competing for you to choose from.

An excellent retrospective into what worked and what didn't when pushing through a major change in thinking and architecture. A fascinating story, and a great reminder to all of us that good change can happen if we are careful and considerate while remaining firm on what needs to change.