Talk comments

David Trower at 17:17 on 21 Apr 2016

Great talk on community involvement and it's importance. Great keynote.

David Trower at 17:16 on 21 Apr 2016

Another great talk by a great speaker. Plenty of great information with plenty of real case examples. Definitely worthy of being a keynote.

David Trower at 17:15 on 21 Apr 2016

Interesting topic at how to avoid using loops. While I think some of them might be overkill just to avoid doing a loop, the talk was great at causing people to think of different ways to code without relying on loops all the time.

David Trower at 17:14 on 21 Apr 2016

Good talk on debugging. Definitely something I will look more into.

David Trower at 17:14 on 21 Apr 2016

I enjoyed getting to learn more about the REST infrastructure and what it will enable WP developers to do.

David Trower at 17:13 on 21 Apr 2016

As someone that knew little about design patterns, I found this talk to be interesting. I probably need to spend more time researching design patterns to be able to get a better feel for them.

David Trower at 17:11 on 21 Apr 2016

Really great talk about the different security vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. Useful information that I can use to incorporate into my classes when talking about security vulnerabilities.

David Trower at 17:09 on 21 Apr 2016

I enjoyed the introduction to some tools I wasn't aware of that I can share with my web design students to help them better navigate the world of designing cross browser compatible web sites.

David Trower at 17:09 on 21 Apr 2016

Wonderful presentation. As a professor, I see students that are programmers with no design skill and some of the programmer interfaces that they have turned in for assignments and projects aren't that different from some of the programmer interfaces shown in the talk. Great information on both sides.