Talk comments

Eric Leversen at 11:20 on 3 May 2018

Speaker had good knowledge of the topic and was able to address questions and comments. I really liked his lecturing/speaker style.

Eric Leversen at 11:19 on 3 May 2018

Speaker had good knowledge and a passion for the topic. One suggestion would be to introduce herself and explain why she's an expert in the field rather than launching directly into her talk.

A great tutorial, with easy to follow examples of a real world example. Literally used some of the technique taught during this tutorial at work today.

Chris Holland at 13:40 on 25 Apr 2018

I just added links to the tests/AppBundle and src/AppBundle folders of the "demo-run-8" branch which has all of the code I wrote during the tutorial.

Chris Holland at 13:22 on 25 Apr 2018

Big thanks for all of your constructive feedback. It's immensely helpful.

Great talk and energy. Lessons learned and pushing for us to be better version of ourself.

Was a great and example of how easy to use. I will be giving it a test drive in the next few weeks.

Was a fun flash back to 28 years ago while in school, me being a EE, definitely touched on hex and binary. Was a really food explanation of one and two's compliment.

Great talk and message around teams and how to be successful.

Great talk. I use Postman often and learned about things I didn't know exists or had used. Will be fun to see how we can incorporate what we learned into our day to day / troubleshooting / testing.