Talk comments

Anonymous at 14:18 on 28 Mar 2016

This presentation was good overall and gave me a few ideas for future projects. Alex did a good job getting started, but seemed to get off track a bit. I'm not sure if he had too much for the time allowed or perhaps had a technical issue with the slides. However, my biggest concern is the color scheme he chose. Light gray on white was pretty hard for me to read and I honestly ended up with a mild headache before the end of the session. I would suggest Alex change the color scheme to one with better contrast.

Joe Vangsness at 17:07 on 24 Mar 2016

I chose this presentation because the description listed some things I would like to learn more about. But the presentation seemed to focus on basic sales techniques for selling services. It did not cover several points listed in the description.

I would like to suggest that next year this session be scheduled again but with a difference. Have a panel discussion with 3 or 4 people with experience selling Drupal projects.

Joe Vangsness at 16:51 on 24 Mar 2016

Larry did a great job with this topic. He provided a good overview and then several slides which covered all the bases of discovery.

His slides will make a good reference document for anyone learning discovery.

He was definitely passionate about this subject.


Joe Vangsness at 16:47 on 24 Mar 2016

Very good presentation on an important topic.

Chris Weber at 10:48 on 24 Mar 2016

Great talk, I didn't expect this talk was going to be talking about changes that the author wants to see in Drupal 8. The slides about the theming pipeline was very illustrative about the steps a themer has to take to get comfortable with theming in Drupal 8.

Chris Weber at 10:46 on 24 Mar 2016

Lots of useful information here.

Chris Weber at 09:30 on 23 Mar 2016

Best talk of the event. So much fun!

Chris Weber at 09:29 on 23 Mar 2016

I really liked this talk and it helped me understand that I've been trying to integrate styleguides wrong. I hope that the technology can improve over time to make it an even more seamless integration.