Talk comments

I was very happy to see Nic was back this year as I loved his talk last year as well. This closing key note talk was everything I hoped it would be. I appreciated the reminder to continue thinking of all the different ways people will try to be using my code, whether trying to see the screen through a glare of sun or with a screen reader. And it was great to have so many more links to resources to add to my developer "tool belt".

Seth Phillips at 10:09 on 16 Mar 2018

Great presentation and invaluable information

James Miller at 09:25 on 15 Mar 2018

Great talk lots of good information did not realize how flexible and scale-able AWS was. any way to get a copy of the slides would like to show them to upper-management since this is the route we need to take for our redesign.

Thanks again great presentation.

I thought this was a great overview of concepts I haven't thought about since school. Also learned a couple of 'tricks' that I can use to increase efficiency. Nice presentation.

Great presentation and relevant content that we will be using as soon as we can get 5.7 in place.

Agonizingly slow pace. Way too long to get to the topic details, and not nearly enough focus on the actual topic to be informative at all.

Well done. Found some useful content that I plan to put to use.

Clear, concise presentation with good examples to back up the concepts.

Fantastic speaker! I appreciated the stories that emphasized the importance of accessibility. Plenty of resources provided on where and how to get started with accessibility practices.

Great talk about the pitfalls of the modern era regarding the safety of your personal information. I learned some example cases that support my understanding of the situation that can help me explain the importance to others. Also great food for thought about what we collect in our programs and why. One of the best sessions I attended at this conference.