Talk comments

Anthony has an excellent way of getting across SOLID that will definitely help re-evaluate my coding practices

Great talk, well paced and good gags. And as everyone else has said, great content. The mix of higher-level concepts and then more concrete examples felt about right too.

The conversation afterwards was where traits fit into this picture - though I'm not sure whether that might be too much in this talk.

Missed the conference, but the slides are good on their own.

Best presentation on the conf I saw at that day.

Thank you, Jonathan, that means a lot to me!

This was a great overview of both Bootstrap and Foundation, and I learned a lot about the tradeoffs between the two. Jen was engaging and knowledgable, and presented a clear case about when to use each framework. I really enjoyed this talk, and it made me feel more secure in my choice of Bootstrap for most of my side projects.