The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX. This year we are back with a great weekend lineup of talks.


Workshop: Clean Application Development
Workshop by Adam Culp
Workshop: Web Scraping with
Workshop by Mark Robert Henderson
Workshop: Up and Running with Twitter Bootstrap
Workshop by Jen Kramer
Workshop: Usability Testing for the Common Man
Workshop by Heather O'Neill
Keynote: Looking to the Past, to Predict the Future
Keynote by Eli White
How and use regular expressions in PHP and why use them
Talk by Joel Lord
How To Get There
Talk by Larry Ullman
You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's User Interface
Talk by Eryn O'Neil
Pragmatic API Development
Talk by Andrew Curioso
Agile in the Workplace
Talk by Mike Stowe
Mobile-First Design
Talk by Katelyn Sessions
Don't Be STUPID, Grasp SOLID
Talk by Anthony Ferrara
Ajax: You Can Do It Too
Talk by Larry Ullman
UI Patterns: A Practical Toolkit
Talk by Jim O'Neill
Magic Methods: Spilling the secret
Talk by Matthew Barlocker
jQuery Mobile: Sites That Feel Like Apps
Talk by Anna Filina
Testing UX Design with Reverse Card Sorting
Talk by David Kelleher
Scaling PHP to 40 Million Uniques
Talk by Jonathan Klein
Designing software for the Agile generation
Talk by Martin Kemp
Package Management in PHP: Better Late than Never!
Talk by Sequoia McDowell
How to Hire Good Engineers
Talk by Bryan Healey
Cracking the Code of Web Content Development
Talk by Jason M. Rubin
Teaching PHP & Web Development
Talk by Larry Ullman
Coding the Semantic Web with HTML5
Talk by David Kelleher
Practical Responsive Web Design
Talk by Jonathan Klein
The UX of URLs
Talk by Ryan Freebern
Git Essentials
Talk by Matthew Barlocker
Building a REST API
Talk by Mike Stowe
Berserk for Responsive Design Frameworks!
Talk by Jen Kramer
Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design
Talk by Meghan Reilly
Ten Evil Things: Features Engineering at Wikipedia
Keynote by Terry Chay