PFCongres is a web development conference based in the Netherlands. By means of the low entrance prices, we aim for a very broad public: smaller businesses and hobbyist PHP-people as well as the community professionals in this world.


Saturday 17th April 2010

09:10 PHP and Adobe
Keynote by Christoph Rooms
10:00 Real World Dependency Injection
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer in Adobe room
JavaScript: mooi onder de rotzooi
Talk by Richard van Velzen in Microsoft room
11:00 Geautomatiseerd website vulnerability management
Talk by Sijmen Ruwhof in Adobe room
Find it, possibly also near you!
Talk by Paul Borgermans in Microsoft room
12:40 Softwareontwikkeling bij de NOS
Talk by Jan Willem Eshuis in Microsoft room
Database version control without pain
Talk by Harrie Verveer in Adobe room
13:40 Would you like docs with that?
Talk by Stefan Koopmanschap in Adobe room
An overview of Domain Specific Languages in PHP
Talk by Troels Knak-Nielsen in Microsoft room
Rated 3
Webrichtlijnen 2.0
Talk by Koen Willems, Raph de Rooij in Adobe room
Testing untestable code
Talk by Stephan Hochdörfer in Microsoft room
16:00 PHP en het mobiele internet
Talk by Erwin van den Boom in Adobe room
SCRUM in the wild
Talk by Mike van Riel in Microsoft room
Rated 4
PHP and Microsoft
Keynote by Bram Veenhof