Talk comments

Thanks for that great workshop. It really got me great insights in whats possible with AOP.
Especially the examples where to use it in practice where super valuable for me, because AOP introduces quite some "magic", which must understood to be able to experience full power.

Having a container-setup for the participants is probably a must-have for the next workshop to save some time and get everybody started quickly, as time is limited.


Tomasz Paloc at 23:18 on 13 Nov 2018

One of the most interesting lectures at this year's conference

Karol Kreft at 22:05 on 5 Nov 2018

A good example of how to make a very interesting talk for PHP conference by using so broad topic and just a few PHP references. Even if you already knew everything about the security improvements brought in the PHP7.2 this talk kept you curious due to examples and narration created by Michal.

Karol Kreft at 21:53 on 5 Nov 2018

Greg didn't keep the audience in suspense long, answer for question included in the title of his talk was given in his first words, quoting: "No" :) Of course, the long version is, as usual in IT world, "It depends".

Talk was strongly technical, contained the code and diagrams which represents details of architecture. Greg described what JWT is, in what circumstances is useful, how to implement OAuth2.0 and handling common problems at the same time. Examples ware interesting and detailed, they are a big advantage of speech.

The talk was easy to process and interesting. It presented a reason for using the particular tools instead of just presenting them. A good comparison of different alternatives was made.

Great presentation skills and very interesting topic. NIH and PIE are so true and the 10 exercises worth trying. Thanks!

Good reminder of how we should store password hashes and why it's so important to do it right. I didn't know about ”password_needs_rehash” and have implemented it right after the conference. Thank you!

Inspiring topic especially as serverless for PHP is still in its early stages. I'll definitely try it out and Bref makes it a lot easier to get started. Thanks!

Great idea for an event like this (especially as this was basically the after-party) and very entertaining questions. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear most of the answers from the participants.

Very in-depth look into PHPStan. Speaker with great knowledge but definitely have to work on presentation skills. Thanks!