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Paul, I would have given you 5 stars had it not been for the fact that you broke a liquor bottle in one of your stories, so I had to detract a star for alcohol abuse(retracted the loss of the point for bribery).

Anonymous at 12:12 on 26 May 2011

More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, plasee

Anonymous at 18:54 on 25 May 2011

Thanks for sharing. What a plesarue to read!

Anonymous at 09:09 on 25 May 2011

YMMD with that ansewr! TX

Absolutely entertaining and hilarious (and I do mean HILARIOUS) presentation by Terry Chay that was also very informative and necessary in parts. It was a great closing keynote speech and one that I definitely did not have trouble staying awake for. I wish that all the conferences I have been too could have a closer like Terry Chay. If they did, no one would want to leave early.

Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation by Marcel Esser. In addition to his talk about the technology advances that have led to so many new adventures and discoveries in the past and upcoming in the near future, he also presented a different view regarding how we are all in this race together, as humans and part of this world as a whole. It was a very interesting aspect and really made me think about the things (both big and small) that we could all contribute to make OUR world a better place. I also enjoyed getting to meet Marcel after his talk and discuss his philosophies to a deeper extent. I look forward to more talks by Marcel and a time when we can all come together as humans.

Thoroughly enjoyed hearing Lorna talk about Web Services. She presented the format seemlessly and effortlessly as well as making it very enjoyable to learn something new. Furthermore, it was a pleasure meeting her and getting to discuss her background and how she got started in the field later during the conference. Can't wait to hear more that Lorna has to discuss at future conferences, as I'm sure she'll be one of the leading experts in the field for quite a while.

Definitely an unconventional presentation but Ed pulled it off beautifully and kept everyone's attention throughout the talk while providing lots of good information and experiences.

An excellent talk although I would agree that the title was misleading. The content was the stuff that every web developer should hear... put the customer first and make the experience easy for them. Great presentation!

While not quite what I was expecting, it was a good introduction to Lithium and gave me the kick-start I needed to give it a try.

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