Talk comments

Really good talk. Don't know any talk on SOLID principles that is so complete and clear as this one. Even Uncle Bob's talks (most of available online) are more general and only about a half of principles. Couldn't say that it's your first one.
But after couple of years applying those to my code (maybe without observer) still have questions to ask and points to argue about (think all brief talks have same issue). Think it would be good for authors to leave links on last slides about where do they get more advance info to develop themselves with such questions and to level up craftsmanship.

Greg Bell at 07:16 on 21 Apr 2017

I've been using a methodology, including the wonderful Behat and PHPspec, that's very close to this, and I've been very happy with it. Thanks for the carefully considered presentation, great advice and tips Ciaran.

Ahmed Khan at 08:10 on 18 Apr 2017

Enjoyed Your talk

Luis Cobucci at 20:51 on 27 Mar 2017

James manage to do a very nice introduction to Zend Expressive's components and how to plug Doctrine ORM in that context.

Some suggestions:

- The code samples were quite comprehensible, however I think the amount of code can be reduced to have a better balance (e.g. the behaviour of the MiddlewarePipeline could be explained using some graphs to help the understanding - and maybe the examples of middlewares can be dropped - slides 19 to 22)
- The storyline of the talk is well connected but some parts could be reviewed (the Expressive installer can be showed before of taking about the sample application)
- Although is nice to compare expressive v1 and v2 middlewares I've found a bit confusing, I'd keep just the v2 to be consistent with the other examples (or compare them after finishing the ORM related middleware)

Luis Lopes at 16:02 on 24 Feb 2017

Another very well organised and helpful talk from Ciaran. :+1: Thank you.

Luis Lopes at 15:57 on 24 Feb 2017

It's always nice to hear from someone experienced in scaling (actual scaling) and handling thousands of requests in short time. Would love to hear more from Liam and his adventures at his current position and more technical details of proper scalings nor other issues he meanwhile will eventually face.

Luis Lopes at 15:51 on 24 Feb 2017

One of the best speeches of the day. I would love to have the slides for references too.

The speaker was nervous but i was engaged in the amazing positive thinking and attitude can-do.

Thank you!

Luis Lopes at 15:45 on 24 Feb 2017

Was really a fun presentation. Really motivated me to use Lambda and make my own games / apis / skills for Alexa. Lots of laughs with good / basic / quick way to get started, what we need more? :)

Peter Smith at 12:33 on 23 Feb 2017

A fascinating success story, very well presented with plenty of detail

Peter Smith at 12:32 on 23 Feb 2017

This talk was disappointing - it was actually a 40 minute advert for the speaker's company.