The lost art of simplicity


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Definitely keynote material. Very inspiring.

We'd be doing better as an industry if more people took this onboard. Possibly missing the need to simplify the user's supposed requirements. Good use of slides to support rather than repeat.

Need to check out this XYZ Technology, getting a lot of mentions.

Lovely slides with great drawings and quotes; not a single bullet point in sight.
Josh is funny, entertaining and charismatic. Would listen to him again.

That should have been a 4 - no way to edit my review = UI fail? Listen to Josh Holmes ;-)

Interesting indeed.

Type comment...

Well presented, superb delivery, loved the illustrations on the slides, but the quotes were a distraction. Great storyteller and some good stories. Probably a little too long. Content was spot on, but nothing most people wouldn't have heard before. Keynote was a good spot for this talk.

Enthusiastic and engaging guy. Entry level stuff, but good for a keynote.

Good to be reminded of the use of simplicity in project, it was an inspiring talk. Not too heavy and well brought.

Excellent keynote by an engaging speaker. Quotes on the slides were a little wordy though.

Great talk for a keynote, interesting content, engaging delivery, and a good way to start the conference!

Good talk on an important issue from an excellent speaker. Great way to stay the conference!

Great speaker, beautiful slides, and a timely reminder message for us all

Very charismatic speaker

great talk! it was very hard to match arals keynote of last year but this was an eye opener! well done!

Great presentations, this wakes up everyone on a sleepy morning.

Nicely presented, light slides and memorable.

Enjoyable + engaging, though not really 'new'. Generally good fresh reminder of KISS. Nice start to the day.

In my experience, NIH does not usually make things more simple. just lots of mini-systems for everyone to learn. For very new system brought into the mix, consider the cost of the learning curve.

Good keynote catching an important aspect we sometimes overlook in our pursuit of end goals. Poor slides compensated for by a great presentation.

A good talk, well presented. But slightly too long. Good marketing by our headline sponser Microsoft.

A bit long talk for saying what could be said in short time, but then again maybe some people need it drilled into their heads?

Really good and inspiring talk about what we always forget.

I liked this.

@PabloSerbo i'm not sure where you spotted marketing by Microsoft in this talk - I was relieved that it wasn't anything to do with Microsoft, not that I have anything against them.

We can all learn the lessons of NIH Syndrome - good keynote, right spot for the talk.

Just a tad too long, brilliant overall.

It felt like a random collection of stories and points that lacked structure and flow. Was it a talk about usability, design, engineering, software or philosophy? It was all of those things, which I think was the problem.

Good ideas, good speaker, not a good talk.

Motivational, it certainly woke me up and got set the tone for the rest of the conference.

Surprised that I did not hear Josh use the words "lean" or "agile" thoughout his talk, when many of the ideas he presented were expressions of lean or agile practices.

And that's what it's all about!
Great keynote!

Cool images on the slides - text wasn't needed IMHO

Inspiring keynote, but the slides didn't really match up with the speaker. IMO too much text on each slide, and it was sometimes hard to get the connection between the slides and the content which was being talked about.

Content of the talk itself though was excellent - definately something more developers should think about. To sum it up I'd prefer it if the speaker had fewer slides with less text, or connected the talk more with the slides.

Great keynote talk! Really set the tone for me for the rest of the day! Perfectly done, the amount of text on the slides wasn't a problem for me, gave me loads to think about, and well put across!

Entertaining - a keynote needs to wake up the delegates ready to take on the day and Josh achieved this. The content was not overly specific or technical - and some parts were tough to agree on (write code that works now instead of code that could also be useful later is hard to swallow for OSS fans) but gave food for thought all the same.

Great presentation gave me something to think about.

Thought this was a great talk, very inspiring, gave me a lot to think about.

This was a great talk for the keynote, just right for getting everyone's brains to wake up and settle into the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. I agree with a lot of the points that he had to make, others required a bit more consideration.

Also loved the illustrations on his slides, though some were a little text heavy.

I enjoyed the keynote speech. Some people seem to think it was a little longer, and in one respect I agree with them because it shouldn't be that hard to tell people to simplify things. However, I found Josh a really engaging speaker so the length of the speech really just blended in to the background. Would be happy to hear more from him.

I enjoyed Josh's talk. Couldn't agree more!!!

Best talk I've attended.