Talk comments

Anonymous at 19:46 on 9 Mar 2018

Super informative. Clarified a lot for me.

xenzero at 22:24 on 27 Feb 2018

A good run through of the tools. Useful information - though really difficult to make it very engaging given the ease with which googling would offer up the same insight.

xenzero at 22:22 on 27 Feb 2018

Very engaging talk, given that it was essentially a bullet-list of features. Learnt lots.

xenzero at 22:20 on 27 Feb 2018

Live demo was very impressive (and brave!) but in terms of learning, it wasn't the best approach for me.

xenzero at 22:19 on 27 Feb 2018

Very helpful, practical and fast-paced talk. A dull subject on the face of it, Michiel kept the interest levels high - and I learnt a lot along the way. Well done!

xenzero at 22:18 on 27 Feb 2018

Insightful talk - and the Q&A was helpful in terms of thinking about the practical steps to migrating existing sites using legacy frameworks.

Neil Nand at 14:25 on 27 Feb 2018

Really great talk on cryptography, my favourite talk of the conference.

Neil Nand at 14:24 on 27 Feb 2018

Good talk, haven't implemented BDD practises before and this helped me a bit more clearly work out what it is.

Ed Crompton at 11:27 on 27 Feb 2018

Great and inspiring suggestions for further reading - Thanks!

Ed Crompton at 11:26 on 27 Feb 2018

Akin to watching a live performance from a piano virtuoso, this talk took a live demo that would have had most speakers quaking in their boots and delivered it with confidence and flair. I've not used Jenkins since it required extensive configuration through a horrible UI, but now can't wait to try out the latest and greatest version.