Talk comments

We do a lot of error handling stuff, but I still learned some nice things. I liked it.

Audience and Speakers mentioned some good points, but in total I felt it was too superficial. I guess I missed a "one single thing" to take home from it.

'I wouldn't try that' was the oft heard comical response from Derick, a light hearted look at a deep core topic, on form :)

In depth presentation though was way over time, twice!

Good talk that I've seen before, think I even asked the same question about prototype extension OOP, got same answer too ;)

Solid talk! The speaker dealt very well with the circumstance (loud environment) and talked with a nice background of actual experience with many platforms and workflows and how everything goes together.

It was a pleasure hearing from someone that doesn't have a _very_ strong opinion about which scm is THE BEST but talk about what works easier with what and which platform offers which benefits.

She started off putting my feelings into words and then taught me many small thinks that will help don't messing up big time. Wonderful

Sebastian and Volker gave a good roundup about Jenkins for PHP.

Lots of information, fast paced presentation but means i know have options when it comes to building and deploying systems :-)